OVA is growing a powerful, global sisterhood across West Africa with programming in more than 240 schools in Ghana to date!! We invite you to join our journey and invest in your legacy as afounding sponsor of "Girls Can Do Anything!" Ghana!!! Every dollar that we raise supports the empowerment of girls from the USA to Africa.  

Through this sustainable, high-impact collaboration with President Obama's Washington Mandela Fellowship, we've expanded our work with global partners, She Dreams Africa and Feminine Star Africa.  We traveled to West Africa with 11 GCDA Ambassadors; trained 180 Girls Coordinators over three districts; and engaged 3,300 youth!! You can support this effort by sponsoring a girl in Africa. Support this worthy, life changing cause with a check, PayPal or Facebook fundraiser. What will your legacy be?? "Girls Can Do Anything!" Africa! 

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Girls Can Do Anything!

"Around the World in a Summer!"

One Village Alliance is a global, social justice agency with a mission to grow historically marginalized youth into their true greatness through education, economic development and the arts. Our protest continues year-round with meaningful youth programming, family strengthening and public policy advocacy. We invite you to join our 619 Freedom Fund and commemorate Juneteenth with a $619 pledge to invest in Black children as a Freedom Founder in the development of our new, 10,000 square foot FREEDOM CENTER! Located in the heart of Wilmington, DE, our Freedom Center brings a social justice ecosystem providing a hub for vital connections to resources including:

Wealth Building, Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship
Collaborative Work Spaces, Social Enterprise & Power Business Incubators
Multi-Media, Photography & Recording Arts Studios
 Community Gardens & Mural Arts Projects
Martial Arts, Fitness & Holistic Wellness Center
 State Of The Art Indoor/Outdoor Community Program & Event Spaces

Join One Village Alliance all Juneteenth weekend at 6:19 PM on Facebook Live to hear more from partners and share your ideas! The Freedom Center is a collaborative effort made possible through an invaluable community/faith-based partnership with U.A.M.E Inc., founded by freedom fighter, Peter Spencer. This is a legacy project! We invite your shared ownership by joining our army of artists, volunteering your time and expertise and/or becoming a Freedom Founder with your $619 pledge. It takes a whole village! Click below to find out more about our work over the last 10 years. Don't just celebrate... INVEST in Freedom with us! 

6.19 FREEDOM FUND: Investing in Freedom!  

Join our global "Girls Can Do Anything!" movement!

One Village Alliance’s “Girls Can Do Anything!” Initiative strives to educate, empower and uplift at-risk girls by connecting girls to mentors, resources and opportunities that foster healthy lifestyles. Our mission is to propel girls on an inspiring journey toward overall excellence!

Suitable Men, Suited for Success uplifts fathers and strengthens families by preparing men for success in the workforce, home and every area of life. One Village Alliance provides Father-focused Parent Engagement, Professional Attire, Man to Man Mentoring.

  ​Suitable Men

One Village Alliance incorporates cultural diversity and enrichment fun with evidence based curricula to take youth and teen participants on an educational journey "Around the World in a Summer!" (ATWAS).

Contact us: We are "the village"!

855-YOUTH-ED | Family@iamthevillage.org

Mail to:

P.O. Box 363 | Wilmington, DE 19899

469 Grieves Pkwy. | Salem, NJ 08079

One Village Alliance's "Raising Kings" Initiative strives to change the image and expectations of African American males by elevating the level of positive male engagement in the lives of boys through exposure and education. 

  Raising Kings