Around The World In A Summer 
Around The world In A summer (ATWAS) is an 8-week course that immerses children weekly in different cultures from around the world. Through literature, music, food, arts and crafts the children travel to the corners of the globe. 

One Village Alliance Hosts Federal Grant Writing Training
Best Practices for writing Winning Grant Proposals.
Where to locate Federal & Foundation grant funding.
How to successfully write/complete each section of the grant proposal, including language used in Winning Grant Proposals.
How to make your proposal stand out among others.

Raising Kings Weekly Sessions
Young men participate weekly in mentoring sessions, discussing relevant issues, and gaining valuable life skills.

Construction & Maintenance Training Orientation
Instruction on:

​Window, Screen & Door Installation 
Tile & Trim 
Electrical & Lighting 
Cabinet & Appliance Installation
Painting & Drywall

Girls Can Do Anything!! Weekly Sessions
Girls (ages 9-17) participate in leadership and diversity sessions where girls have FUN, and discuss real issues faced by real girls with real women. 

Company Profile

One Village Alliance was founded with a mission to uplift children and their families on a holistic journey toward excellence through education, entrepreneurship and the arts. Our vision is one village of thriving communities, strong families and healthy children. Be a part of our impact: Donate, Mentor, Volunteer!

Recent Projects

Why We Exist

One Village Alliance fosters a community-based, people-fueled approach with a mission to uplift children and their families on a holistic journey toward excellence through education, entrepreneurship and the arts. Our vision is one village of thriving communities, strong families and healthy children. Join our impact: Donate, Mentor, Volunteer!

 Our History

One Village Alliance (OVA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded with the assertion that it truly does take a whole village to raise a child, raise a family and raise a community. With programming in 33 schools and 5 neighborhood sites throughout Southern New Jersey and Delaware since 2009, we create strategic alliances to bridge the gaps, fill the voids and leverage existing resources in the heart of marginalized communities that need us the most. OVA has successfully managed local, federal, state and private funding to impact the lives of more than 600 families annually. One Village Alliance is the proud recipient of the 2012 NAACP Youth Impact Award.  

 Approach Towards Excellence

OVA takes a collaborative approach to transformative community impact with the goal of healthy, well-supported young and adolescent children.  We target the whole family as parents are the primary educators of their children. All OVA services are built on the cornerstone of family and community to ensure sustainable supports that foster the holistic development of children. Cognizant that each individuals journey is unique, OVA employs trauma informed, culturally relevant and innovative programs. Our work is community-based and people-fueled, connecting families in need with uniquely qualified professionals, evidence-based programs, and a myriad of wrap around services.

The One Village Alliance Family

One Village Alliance is comprised of a culturally competent team of individuals and decision makers who are uniquely qualified to effectively reach youth and families experiencing such challenges as unemployment, unstable homes, abuse and academic struggles. We engage volunteers, staff, board members, and partners from the community we serve who not only bring proven methods and expertise, but also have themselves, overcome many of the same challenges faced by our youth and families.

Programs & Activity

One Village Alliance creates year-round impactful learning opportunities that foster positive attitudes, teach healthy behaviors and propel individuals on an exciting journey toward excellence through education. OVA addresses both the symptoms and the root causes of many intergenerational issues affecting our society through a cadre of activities:

- The Village After-School Enrichment Program: Academic-based Tutoring / Mentoring
- Around the World in a Summer!: Diversity & Enrichment Camp| LofT: S.T.E.A.M Career         Exploration Camp
- “Girls Can Do Anything!”- Re-defining Womanhood and what it means to be a Girl                 (Prevention/Intervention)
- Raising KINGS: Developing Positive Black Male Leadership (Prevention/Intervention)
- Suitable Men: Fatherhood Initiative (Man-to-Man Mentoring, Professional Attire,                   Workforce Development)
- I.M.P.A.C.T (International Mobilization of Parents and Children Together) – Cooperative         Parenting
- Grass Roots Initiative Partnership (GRIP): Cooperative Community Development,                  Organizational Support & Capacity Building for Impactful Grass Roots Agencies and            Initiatives.             .