Let's gear up for Raising KINGS 2021!!

The 2021 Raising Kings Conference once again kicks off during National Mentoring Month and the MLK holiday! Our donors and partners have meant so much in honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The time to do something - to not remain silent - is right now. And Raising Kings offers an opportunity with year-round, high impact mentoring that connects our highest needs youth with positive male mentors, role models and fathers. Join our impact! Call 855-YOUTH-ED or click above to register.

Raising KINGS is a collaborative commitment to change the image and expectations of African American males by elevating the level of positive male engagement in the lives of boys. One Village Alliance leads this effort to build capacity among Men and Boys of Color by leveraging the community’s existing assets, resources and connections. Raising Kings creates a platform to redefine success and teach healthy manhood through exposure and education. With a strength-based approach, this initiative interrupts the generational crisis of failure to create a counter-culture of fortitude, greatness, cultural awareness and self respect.

RK: Data Driven Need

African American males are disproportionately represented in nearly every negative statistic across the United States. The disparities among Men and Boys of Color span physical and mental health, education, employment and life expectancy. Wilmington is no exception and, in fact, has some of the highest disparities per capita in the nation. 

  • Wilmington, Delaware consistently ranks in the top five highest homicide rates in the country. During a record breaking 2010, every victim but one was an African American male…
  • 85% of African American youth in Wilmington are growing up without an adult male in the home.
  • 87% of incarcerated black males report being raised in a fatherless home
  • More than 60% of males underachieving academically result in high school drop-out
  • The $87,965 national average cost for juvenile detention is disproportionately spent on Black males
  • One in 15 black males in America over the age of 18 are currently incarcerated