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Alexis C. Jones

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Girls Can Do


"One Girl Can Change
the Whole World"

“Girls Can Do Anything!” unites phenomenal females to redefine womanhood and what it means to be a girl! With an evidence-based program model and assessment tools provided through Girl’s Circle, GCDA Clubs foster healthy relationships between youth, their peers and caring adults.

This initiative strives to educate, empower and uplift girls by connecting them to mentors, resources and opportunities that foster healthy lifestyles. 
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Our purpose is to increase the self-worth, potential and overall well-being of girls largely by elevating their exposure to phenomenal female role models from their own communities and experiences. From surgeons to scientists, engineers to artists the program invites a diverse network of women to engage girls in genuine dialogue, teach vital life skills and help navigate the challenges of being a girl by sharing their own personal pitfalls and triumphs.
The goal is to create year round opportunities for participants to connect in ways that foster healthy, asset rich girls who are well prepared to achieve their highest level of success throughout school, post-secondary education, career pursuits and their personal lives. 
Evidence-based principles and a strength-based approach focus on:
  • Education: Increased high school graduation to post-secondary education/career development.
  • Suicide and Violence Prevention: Recognized effectiveness through United States Department of Justice.
  • Health: Improved health/Increased positive behaviors/Decrease obesity, illness and teen pregnancy.
  • Social Responsibility: Civic Engagement, Leadership, Community Service, Alternatives to adjudication.
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