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Around the World in a Summer

One Village Alliance incorporates cultural diversity and enrichment fun with evidence based curricula to take youth and teen participants on an educational journey "Around the World in a Summer!" (ATWAS).

Girls Can Do Anything!

One Village Alliance’s “Girls Can Do Anything!” Initiative strives to educate, empower and uplift at-risk girls by connecting girls to mentors, resources and opportunities that foster healthy lifestyles. Our mission is to propel girls on an inspiring journey toward overall excellence! 


Raising Kings

One Village Alliance's "Raising Kings" Initiative strives to change the image and expectations of African American males by elevating the level of positive male engagement in the lives of boys through exposure and education. 

Virtual Mentoring

Join our virtual mentoring where you will have the option to be mentored for success or be a mentor. Our virtual mentoring is sure to help you unlock your true potential.

You can expect to get clarity on your goals, overcome life's challenges,  and achieve true success!


Resolution Steel Orchestra 

Join Wilmington's first community steel drum band!


One Village Alliance will be hosting a steel drum experience in collaboration with Resolution Steel Orchestra. Students will have access to a safe learning environment, a unique music education experience, and a chance to gain an incredible new skill!

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